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Burberry Mini Quilted TB Monogram Bag


Just when you thought you have seen it all as far as Burberry’s signatureTB Bag is concerned, the British luxury house has introduced a fresh new design into the range, one that’s simply known as the Mini Quilted TB Monogram Bag.

Now, what’s so different about this particular piece that makes it stand out from the classic designs you’re already familiar with? Well for one, this nifty little number comes in a lush lambskin exterior, making it soft to the touch while having the ability to retain a structured silhouette, whereas the originals predominantly come in smooth calfskin that were prone to scratches.

And even though it’s the baby of the family, it comes in a compact size (17 cm across and 12.5 cm high) that manages to keep everything nice and neat, thanks to a roomy depth of 6 cm and two additional interior pockets furnished within. The other plus point lies in the adjustable shoulder strap, with a drop length ranging from 47 cm to 52 cm that makes it a pretty versatile piece. Alternatively, you can remove the strap altogether can carry it like a chic mini clutch, making it a twofer as far as bags are concerned.