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I Think Fanny Packs Are Here to Stay—Here’s Why

There was a time when backpacks weren’t a staple in every bag lovers wardrobe, rather they were a shape that was considered on the trendier side. Every season, designers would have one or two backpacks amongst their lineup of bags, but their popularity would fall off depending on the year. Sometimes they would be more prevelant than others, but now it’s clear that backpacks are here to stay. They have consistently been popular amongst bag lovers the last couple of years, and they’ve surpassed the trend stage to become a must-have wardrobe staple.

It’s easy to understand why backpacks have stuck around. They can be incredibly fashionable and chic, but they also have a practicality factor that cannot be ignored. Though there are few other shapes that are as useful as a backpack, When done right, the fanny pack can beat out a backpack, and that’s why I think they have the staying power to outlast the trend phase and become a wardrobe staple too. Here’s why:


Whether you love the look of a fanny pack or not, there’s really little denying how incredibly functional they can be. A good sized fanny pack can gold everything you’d need for a day, or night out—a smart phone, small wallet, phone charger, headphones, miscellaneous cosmetics and even a snack can all fit in a larger style belt bag. The hands free factor is also important to take into account when considering the functionality of a belt bag.


Belt bags are pretty versatile, and many offer two, if not, three ways to wear them. They can be worn on the waist as a true belt bag, or slung across the body. I own a belt bag from a contemporary designer, and I find that my favorite way to wear it is across my body. It sits on my upper ribs and doesn’t move much, which honestly is incredibly comforting when living in or traveling to a big city. I’ve also worn my belt bags to crowded places (NYC bars and a couple of concerts), and I felt like my belongings were super secure!


Some may disagree, but a belt bag gives off an effortlessly cool vibe, and when done right, they can be pretty chic too. There are so many options now that it’s pretty easy to find a belt bag that suits your style. If you prefer a chicer more uptown look, there’s plenty of leather options from brands like Prada or Fendi. Then, for a sportier downtown look, there’s logo picks from Fendi, Gucci and Balenciaga.

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