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The Louis Vuitton Building was first opened on the Champ Elysees in 1913, it was considered one of the largest designer store for travel goods in the world. Later on, more stores has been opened in large cities like New York, London and Washington. The first iconic Noé bag was launched in 1932 and quickly followed by the speedy bag, both bags are still available today.

We know the Louis Vuitton speedy bag in many forms, it has been molded, re-painted, embroidered even fringed. In 2003, a well known Japanese artist named Murakami has created cherry blossom pattern on the speedy, which were released as limited editions. A bag that has a rich history of more than 50 years, have you ever wondered how it is put together? What makes the Louis Vuitton speedy bag so captivating besides its age.

Well, Louis Vuitton gave CR Fashion an exclusive view on their production. For a single bag, over 400 fabrication and treatments are needed, 12 pieces of high quality leather is assembled and put together and 9 pieces of hard is used. From all the iconic bags that we know, the speedy bag is one of the most affordable luxury that you will be proud to own.


The Leather


The Handles


The Hardware




The Louis Vuitton Speedy in Embossed Python

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Louis Vuitton News


Yesterday while we were sourcing for the ins-and-outs of the adorable Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag, we accidentally stumbled upon a precious charm that we know you will love. It looked so cute that we are obligated to share on Bragmybag. Introducing the Louis Vuitton Vivienne Charm.

If we can describe in three words the production process of this luxurious jewelry, that would be: ‘only the finest’, starting off with the white gold miniature that has been painstakingly handcrafted to reproduce the exact same deep navy blue and black shade you will find in the Vivienne bag. The materials has been carefully chosen to match the color of the original bag as closely as possible.

When it comes to smaller sizes, we expect them to be cheaper. But when there’s a Louis Vutton logo stamped on the item, the opposite is true. You can easily walk away with a brand-new Vivienne bag for $4,150 and flaunt it with your friends. But the vivienne charm, though 10 times smaller in size, is priced at 3,550 GBP, which is roughly $5,600 USD. Before you click away, do know that it’s made from white gold. Perhaps a bit expensive, but when it’s a gift for someone special, it’s worth every penny. At Louis Vuitton e-store or boutique.

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Louis Vuitton News


For those exclusive evenings, put those sassy stilettos on and consider the oh-so-versatile Louis Vuitton Louise bag. Oh no wait, not that clutch bag, I mean the Louise Clutch bag with chain. Lovely huh?

Before you hit the night, take the Louise chain bag while you are on a productive shopping spree at day. Then let the minimalist shape guide you effortless into the evening. And when people are watching, do not worry, you are safe and wrapped in glam, the Louise bag is rocking.

The calfskin box leather is shamelessly revealing the luxurious craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton, it’s smooth and durable. Then the golden chain is shining and adding the extra touch to your style. 6 card slots, one zip pocket, a front pocket and a large interior space; essentials well structured, love! And the iconic Louis Vuitton logo on the front, nice and well balanced. Addicted!

For your information; sold out on Louis vuitton e-store, available in black or brown in boutique for $2,360 USD.



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Louis Vuitton News


This Louis Vuitton Siracusa Bag is just too precious for words; its peach, gray and beige coloring are so soft and feminine and yet the pattern is so bold this bag can match all wardrobes. It is the perfect size to wear across your body or on the shoulder with the long shoulder strap that accompanies it, or worn as a handbag whilst going to the cocktail bar with the girls or on a hot date.

The Louis Vuitton Siracusa Bag is soft with slight pleating which makes it very graceful and will go perfectly with your peach or cream chiffon shirts and dresses. The fair coloring of the bag will stand out against darker colors and yet still compliment your outfit. An all-round bag is every girls dream but this of course should never mean that you should own only one bag, that would be disastrous; but this bag is that bag that will go with everything in your wardrobe. It is not too big to take to work; it is not too small to take out shopping or on a trip with friends or family.

If you are a business woman on the go or just like to read you magazines on the go then this bag even comes with an iPad pouch inside, this is quite frankly a fantastic idea as it keeps your beloved technology safe as well as handy. There is nothing worse than rooting around in a bag for something; it is not the most elegant stance to be caught in the street with. This delightful, fresh bag is a necessity in your wardrobe.


Available at Louis Vuitton online store. What you do you think about the Louis Vuitton Siracusa Bag?

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Louis Vuitton News


If you are an avid Louis Vuitton or just a big bag collector and saw the Totally tote bag then you will just fall in love with this. The Louis Vuitton Cabas Rivington is also a tote bag but it does have a more formal edge so it can be used with versatility. It is not just a tote it has the look of a practical equestrian bag which would fit right in down at the country club or whilst drinking Champaign at a polo match.

Despite this bags robust look it is made of very soft leather with comfortable shoulder straps; the way that these shoulder straps are positioned adds to the intrigue of the bag as well as add comfort ability. The Louis Vuitton Cabas Rivington bag can be worn as a smarter more compact bag by keeping the side zips done up or alternatively you could make the most of its capacity by undoing the zips. Yes it is a transforming bag! What more could a girl want? The red interior holds a large zip pocket which is really handy for items that are needed to hand immediately.

This bag would definitely suit your more practical wardrobe; dig out the wrap around just above the knee linen dress and smart flats, or opt for the knee high leather boots when the weather is cooler. In the evening add a cream oversized, angular coat in keeping with the up and coming trend and mix with some cute and quirky black heels. There are many ways to dress this bag up or down but keep it practical or at least sophisticated for ultimate impact.

Would you consider the Louis Vuitton Rivington your must have bag?


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Louis Vuitton News

Louis Vuitton SS 2014 Campaign: New Noe NN14 Bags

The Spring Summer 2014 Collection will be Marc Jacobs final work for Louis Vuitton, they are set to be released next year. Today we get to see a sneak peek of the next trendy bag, introduced through the new SS2014 ad campaign. Marc Jacobs dedicated the campaign to the women that inspired him for all these years; Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, Gisele Bundchen, Fan BingBing, Caroline de Maigret and Edie Campbell.

The Louis Vuitton NN14 is a statement update of the bucket bags that Marc Jacobs has refined throughout the years. Consider the Noe bags, first introduced in 1932 and used by champagne vintners to transport bottles. That all changed and today it’s recognized as one of the most coveted bags in the fashion industry.

The new NN14 bag is going to be released in season’s variations; with feathers, crystals, sprouse sequins, alligator, calfskin and in monogram canvas trimmed with black leather.

The prices are still a mystery, but we do expect them to be near the price of the Noe bags. But you can go ahead and like our Facebook page to get updated.

Louis Vuitton SS 2014 Campaign: New Noe NN14 Bags

Louis Vuitton SS 2014 Campaign: New Noe NN14 Bags

Louis Vuitton SS 2014 Campaign: New Noe NN14 Bags

Louis Vuitton SS 2014 Campaign: New Noe NN14 Bags

Louis Vuitton SS 2014 Campaign: New Noe NN14 Bags


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