Both Loss Love And Career: Marc Jacobs And His Brazilian Boyfriend Harry Louis Split

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 Harry Louis announce broke up pic via Instagram

Harry Louis announce broke up pic via Instagram

Last Week, Marc Jacobs have had announced will leave Louis Vuitton, And two days ago, he and Harry Louis are no more. After leave Louis Vuitton which worked 16 years, Marc Jacobsdescribed as cute, but can not escape the fate of lost love. Recently, his Brazilian boyfriend Harry Louis took to Instagram to announce his split with Marc Jacobs, making clever use of the smashed screen filter.

Harry Louis posted the visual confirmation of their split on Saturday, demonstrating excellent use of the breakup filter and explaining the apparently mutual decision thus:

 Harry Louis announce words vis instagram

In the Marc Jacobs Last show for Louis Vuitton, Louis also attended, in his 2014 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Collection fashion show also left words of praise, it is estimated that two years together from many, after all, or escape unharmed broke up. But is sounds amicable, and mutual : “We love each other very much, and that it was a decision from both!!!”

Brazilian-born Harry Louis is a porn star who also has a sideline in the chocolate-making business. And Marc Jacobs also a great and famous design, so it is might be they are all busy and have rarely time to get together to cause broke up. No matter how their emotions will go on, we still like the Cheap LV handbags Marc designed. You can shop real LV bag online for latest design and great price!

 Marc Jacobs Harry Louis Split

 Marc Jacobs Harry Louis happy time

Marc Jacobs And his boyfriend Harry Louis Walk on street

Marc Jacobs And Harry Louis Enter the activies

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