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As a Louis Vuitton fans, we are not strange with the LV official website, it’s always had e-commerce, and even for pieces not sold online, prices and color options were generally available for shopper’s perual, but it’s never been one of the more functional of fashion’s branded sites. And after Nicolas Ghesquiere as the Creative Director, all that has changed, no matter for the style of Louis Vuitton handbags, or the website of LV.

For the old Louis Vuitton website, it is rarely not find something that was buggy or broken. It was slow, non-intuitive and cumbersome to load even on my super-speedy and up-to-date work computer, but much have that has been fixed. And now, the new lv site has large the same features as a the previous one, but without as much bulky, slow-loading, buggy Flash animation. The detailed bag photos are big and clear to help us make a carefully look about those new lv bags in the site.

If you want to know more changed detailed, you can visit louis vuitton website and stay tuned to ilvnews.com for more lv news update!

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