Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2015 Bags are the Brand’s Best in Years

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Louis Vuitton 2015 Travel Bag Campaign

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It has become a tradition that Louis Vuitton presents the Travel Bag Ad Campaign every year, and what do we think?

We heart it. Period!

And our tradition? We’re going to assist you by spraying information about the name, sizes and prices of handbags, to make your shopping journey a bit easier.

You like that?

The big smiley of this model carrying the Alma Bag in Epi Leather reminds me that I need a holiday too. The sun, beaches and blue ocean is exactly what I need, but what’s going to complete the vacation? Take with you the Alma Bag in turquoise color.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag PM
Size: 12.6 x 5.9 x 9.4 inches
Price: €1480 euro or $2120 USD

Swing the Alma Bag in Red Epi Leather while taking a walk on the landscape. Crowd yourself between the fresh green grasses while enjoying the beautiful blue sky.

And its not long ago that Louis Vuitton warned you about the release of the Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bags. It’s chic with lines inherited from the Trapeze Clutch, also considered as the retro of the signature turn-lock bag. Embellished with a large 3D bombe effect LV signature on the front flap.

READ: Louis Vuitton Twist Lock Bag

A new summer, a new bag, it’s time to treat yourself, so tell me. Which one do you adore?






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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men: Louis Vuitton Knockoffs!

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Either if you’re in a romantic mood or not, Valentine’s Day is a great occasions to offer gifts to your loved ones. From my experience, you can’t go wrong with Louis Vuitton knockoffs as long as you make sure you choose only the best.

Louis Vuitton Knockoffs Gift Ideas

Louis Vuitton Knockoffs Gift Ideas

So here are some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas I could think of; but hurry up, because you need to get them before Chinese New Year!

The best thing about Louis Vuitton knockoffs is that there are so many great options for both men and women! Since I know that most of my readers are women, I decided to help you out with some affordable and stylish gift ideas for men. When it comes to elegance, there’s no better option than replica LV accessories.

So here are my top 3 replica LV picks for men:

1. A fake Louis Vuitton bag is not a good gift just for women. Men need work bags and traveling bags too! LV offers some of the most functional and stylish bags for men and plenty of models and styles to choose from. The replica Louis Vuitton bags collection for men at PurseValley is quite impressive. My personal favorites: the replica LV Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere and the replica LV Taiga Dersou.

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere

Replica Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere

Replica Louis Vuitton Taiga Dersou Messenger Bag

Replica Louis Vuitton Taiga Dersou Messenger Bag

2. A replica Louis Vuitton wallet is a safe bet. This is one of the best men’s accessories you could buy. A practical gift from a high end brand that looks luxurious and will last for years should make any man happy! My pick: the LV Monogram Gaspar Wallet.

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Gaspar Wallet

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Gaspar Wallet

3. A belt is another essential accessory for men and a nice touch of luxury. Still, I only advise you to buy a replica Louis Vuitton belt to someone you know really well, this is more of a personal gift. For discreet men I’d recommend a simple belt made of black leather and for guys who like to stand out, I’d choose a Monogram canvas belt.

Replica Louis Vuitton Belt

Replica Louis Vuitton Belt

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt

Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt

And since you girls are my confidants, I’d like to share my latest replica Louis Vuitton bag crush with you: I’m talking about the Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote. What do you think, isn’t it just beautiful?

Replica Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote

Replica Louis Vuitton Lockme Tote

If you’re planning to buy any of these Louis Vuitton knockoffs just in time for Valentine’s Day, you have to hurry up! The reason why I’m saying this is because during the Chinese New Year factories and shipping carriers are closed, so if you place your order too late, there is the possibility of shipping delays!

The Chinese New Year celebration usually lasts for two weeks. Chinese New Year 2015 begins next Thursday, on 19th February and ends on 5th of March. Since all replica sites ship from China, I thought this is something you should know!

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Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

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Today, Louis Vuitton is a leader in women’s fashions as well, which is why our hearts are pumping at seeing the unveiling of the Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2015 collection, with all the mastery of its design. Every last piece of garment presented is the embodiment of the imagination put forward by Nicolas Ghesquière, a fashion designer in his own right who currently holds the creative director position of the house of Louis Vuitton. The 43-year-old fashion genius, who previously was made head of the Paris fashion house Belanciaga, has already done much for the brand, ensuring a quick spike in business during the past year and increasing expectations about the market share it will be holding on to by the end of 2015. The last day or two have been full of news articles describing the magic touch of Nicolas Ghesquière, indeed making him one much sought after creative director.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Louis Vuitton Malletier, also known simply as Louis Vuitton or LV, is that impeccably stylish French fashion house founded back in 1854, which has really branded itself as one of the top luxury brands of the world. Men and women alike love to carry around their Louis Vuitton handbags, luggage, wallets and all types of accessories that have been printed so lovingly with the signature brand logo. That LV monogram appears on most of its products, from clothing to accessories, jewelry to books. In 2013, the brand’s valuation was based at 28.4 million USD, with a whopping 9.4 billion USD in sales!

Nicolas Ghesquière’s first pre-fall collection for Louis Vuitton was newly unveiled and the importance of this has not gone unnoticed by any. After all, the pre collections are the biggest ones that stay in stores the longest and rake in the most sales. As such, seeing the ‘70s designs hit the stage once again through the Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2015 collection is such a treat, complete with spice-rack palettes, wide lapels on those lovely blazers, rubbed turtlenecks that have been a constant among the trends, and flared jeans that have replaced the older cigarette coupes. It’s all about the elongated, slim silhouettes with lots of layers, particularly in the form of dresses that fall to the knees, dotted silk windbreakers, and amusing coq embroidery. High waists with crop top sets are a given, while leather bomber jackets also make the cut. It’s a gorgeous collection and certainly worth perusing for new pieces to add to our pre-fall wardrobes.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Combinations of colors burst out from the Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2015 collection, all in the more muted autumn tones but still appearing with much gusto. One of these pieces is a midi length dress that is thrown over a brown knit turtleneck sweater and thus have a black shoulder area, moving into tweed across the back and the bust and then a bright red fabric takes over to fall down to just above the kneed. The shoes are low heeled ankle boots in a lovely striped tiger print, with a lovely black handbag emblazoned with the LV monogram added on as the perfect accessory.

You can also go for the black and white polka dotted dress that has a knee length midi hem as well, in an A-line skirt, and throw over that a lovely beige-brown suede jackets with four pockets in a darker beige coloring, and complete the look with forest green alligator skin low-heeled half boots, which combine multiple colors, as is the theme across the board, in a rather stylish manner.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

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Louis Vuitton Opens Series 2 Exhibition in Los Angeles until Feb 22

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Louis Vuitton recently opened an exhibition entitled “Louis Vuitton Series 2 — Past, Present and Future”. The exhibition is open to the public and features multiple rooms in various themes reinterpreting the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

The entrance named “Abstract Title” bears a gigantic Louis Vuitton logo in neon lights. Other rooms include “Backstage”, recreating the backstage of the Spring 2015 fashion show, “Infinite Show Room”, presenting the 48 looks from the collection, “Accessories Gallery” features Louis Vuitton items in an all white backdrop with Marte Mei van Haaster’s figurines.The exhibition will run until February 22, 2015. Next exhibition will be in Beijing, China.

Louis Vuitton Series 2 — Past, Present and Future

February 6 – 22, 2015
10AM-6PM, Daily
1135 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles

Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 1
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 2
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 3
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 4
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 5
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 6
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 7
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 8
Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition 9

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Rumor Has It A Louis Vuitton Price Increase Is Around the Corner

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Louis Vuitton Price Increase

We recently brought you news of an impending Hermès price increase, and now rumor has it Louis Vuitton will be increasing its prices soon as well.

While there isn’t a set date for this increase, many sales associates have told shoppers to expect the price hike around middle of February to early March. Similar to Hermès, the expected price increase is 6%-10%. In 2014, there was only one price increase for Louis Vuitton, but in years prior, there had always two increases per year. This is why some shoppers discussing this issue on the PurseForum are worried about the upcoming increase–the length of time since the last one may mean that they’re in for a bigger hike than usual.

However, it’s worth noting that some sales associates are telling their customers they know nothing of a price increase, and that if there is one, it likely won’t happen until spring. Typically, stores and their associates are not made aware of the date of the increase until a couple weeks before it happens, and that news hits the shoppers and our PurseForum right after. We’ll let you know if we hear more, but if you have been eying a Louis Vuitton piece, you might want to get it now–even if the rumors about a February increase end up being bogus, it surely won’t be long until prices do go up.

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