Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore: The End Of An Era?

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Widely reported online with the same fervour as the coming of the apocalypse was news that broke on WWD that Louis Vuitton was discontinuing theMonogram Multicolore collection, one of the last vestiges of the previous creative director Marc Jacobs that came about as part of a collaboration with celebrated artist Takashi Murakami.

Available in two colours (or rather, two different base colours decorated with Vuitton’s signature monogram in every colour under the rainbow and then some), it’s a print that’s brash, fun and loud, and some have speculated that given current creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s new aesthetic for the luxury house, this print might also have been too much for his taste.

Slated to be gone by end July, I did some checking of my own (and by checking, I mean
mean it’s 50% from sources who can’t be named and 50% from my plastic snow globe aka the crystal ball) and have come up with a slightly different ending. Whilst it is true that the Monogram Multicolore line will no longer be available in Europe or the US, the collection will still be made available to the rest of us in Asia.

In other words, you’ll still find the bags and the SLGs like the Sarah Wallet (SGD1210) and Zippy Wallet (SGD1290, shown above) in the interim and until the luxury house decides otherwise. Because in fashion, nothing does actually last forever, so consider this your second chance.

Now excuse me, I need to go hunt down the Monogram Multicolore Zippy Coin Purse in
Black before it’s really, really gone.

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Louis Vuitton #LVSeries3 Ad Campaign

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louis_vuitton_series-3-ad-campaign1Series 3, also known as Louis Vuitton’s F/W15 ad campaign, has been released and these are your first looks, shot by both Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber. Featuring Alicia Vikander, Jennifer Connelly, Liya Kebede, Fernanda Ly, Angel Rutledge, Freja Beha, Rianne van Rompaey and Julia Merkelbach, Juergen Teller shot his half of the campaign in Barcelona, while Bruce Weber did his share in black and white film at an old airfield. louis_vuitton_series-3-ad-campaign2

louis_vuitton_series-3-ad-campaign3More importantly (well, at least for me anyway) are the new bags on offer from the F/W15, which include the much talked-about Boîte Promenade (otherwise known as the Makeup Trunk) and the Triangle Sac, along with current house darlings Alma,Dora, Petite Malle and Twist, which all come in new variations for the season.

louis_vuitton_series-3-ad-campaign4Without further ado, here are most of the F/W15’s bag offerings, from the Boîte Promenade (top row) which will come in at least 2 sizes (PM and GM) in Epi, Malletage Stellaire (that shiny mirror surfaced-one) and Monogram Canvas.

Then there are the Dora bags, the Alma in Epi Aztèque as well as a duo of Petite Mallebags (second row). Last but not least, the Sac Triangle (in Metal Stones and Monogram Canvas), the Malletage and the Twist in both Epi Nacré and Epi Aztèque (third row). More updates on prices (and release dates for Singapore) to come.

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Louis Vuitton rolled out its latest ad campaign for its new collection and we think it’s safe to say after watching the 2 minute commercial, the French fashion house are fans of HBO’s TV drama-crime series True Detective. With a desert scene behind them, Golden Globe winner for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe actress Michelle Williams and Ex Machina’s Alicia Vikander run True Detective style monologues while trying to get to the venue of the luxury brand’s Palm Springs’ fashion show. While getting to their destination, the duo have to over come obstacles like being lost and a snake but the essence of it all is to harp on the ‘spirit of travel’, something that is at the core of the brand’s luxurious trunk-making heart. Pensive looks, dramatic overtures and the arid, extensive deserts definitely make for an intense TV commercial; and if you keep your eyes glued, you could even spot a few pieces from the upcoming collection!

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Louis Vuitton Nano Collection

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louis_vuitton_nano-collection1Having already previewed these babies up close whilst in Tokyo last week for Louis Vuitton’s F/W15 press presentation, I can safely say this. THEY ARE TOO FREAKING ADORABLE TO RESIST. Yes, I’m talking about the new Nano collection, which takes house classics (and a few new bags), places them under Wayne Szalinski’s shrink ray and, you guessed it, shrunk.

louis_vuitton_nano-collection3And by shrunk, I mean really, really tiny, with each fitting comfortably in the palm of my hand, which should make them around 20 cm from end to end max. 7 different styles are up for grabs (you could actually do it quite literally as well, seeing how small they are), from icons like the Alma, Lockit, Noé and Speedy to recent additions like the Pallas, W and the Turenne.

louis_vuitton_nano-collection2Available in a variety of colours and finishes (some bags, for example, only come inMonogram Canvas, while others like the Nano Alma only come in Epi), I’ve been told they will be released progressively from 8 July, with more colours added to the collection right up to September or October.

Last but not least, the collection’s prices, which you’ll be wanting to know after you’ve decided which bag you’re getting. Because the collection encompasses bags in either canvas and leather, the price range is pretty wide, from SGD1110 for the Nano Noé and Nano Speedy to SGD1510 for the Nano Pallas and the Nano Turenne. TheNano Alma in Epi is also SGD1510, and moving up we’ve got the Nano Lockit andNano W that come in at SGD2340 apiece (full leather, that’s why).

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No, this is totally ain’t some false advertising…you heard it right, sister! If you’re anywhere near London, you can get exclusive Louis Vuitton stickers for free! If you couldn’t get your hands on a Monogram beauty (considering the hefty prices), then maybe a sticker could do some good right? Considering that it takes totally no moolah to get a piece, then it’s all worth the fun!

The brand’s Series 3 Exhibition opened last September 20 at 180 Strand with appearances from Cara Delevigne and other notable celebrities. A wall full of stickers was the cherry-on-top of course, each piece branded with the LV logo featuring a well-known bag or shoe from notable collections. Well, we’re dying here with excitement!

We’ve been told that the giveaway will be limited to two stickers per person. From now until October 18, you can book tickets and get ready to catch some lovely decals on their free-for-all wall. A free Speedy is better than none.



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Louis Vuitton V Printed Mono Bleu Collection

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louis_vuitton_v-printed-mono-bleu-collectionLet’s face it, the monogram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can hate on it and bitch all you want, but the fact that monograms are still a staple at many luxury houses simply proves how popular they continue to be. And given how most everyone is updating their house monograms with that something extra-extra to make it more cool/desirable/relevant, it just means more options (and temptation) for fans out there.

Take this S/S15 capsule collection from Louis Vuitton made just for the boys. Known as the V Printed Mono Bleu collection, it’s exactly what the name suggests, a blue V that’s printed (or in this case, overprinted) onto Monogram Canvas that ends up looking pretty handsome, if you ask me.

To be released in time for Valentine’s Day (you should start heading down to LV in early February), prices are SGD1070, SGD1890 and SGD870 for the Brazza (the long wallet), the Atoll (the travel zip wallet) and the Multiple (the standard billfold) respectively.

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