Louis Vuitton Unveils Monogram Collaboration Pieces from Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin and More


Louis Vuitton Icon and Iconoclasts Collection

The Louis Vuitton Icon and Iconoclasts Collection turned a lot of heads when it was announced, mostly because of the perennially bold-faced names from the worlds of fashion and design that had signed on to participate. Louis Vuitton tasked fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Rei Kawakubo, as well as architect Frank Gehry, photographer Cindy Sherman and industrial designer Mark Newson with creating artful fashion pieces using the brand’s signature monogram print, and now we know what each of them did with the challenge.

It was rumored from the beginning that Lagerfeld, perhaps the project’s most surprising participant, would make a punching bag, and not only that, but it’ll come in three sizes, hang with handbag-like straps on its included stand and also function as a regular handbag. For more serious training, a full-size punching bag and storage trunk, both covered in monogram canvas, are also available for an undisclosed price. To finish out the theme, a set of boxing gloves and their weekender-like case are also part of Lagerfeld’s capsule collection.

Louboutin and Sherman went in particularly colorful directions with their contributions, while Kawakubo was as weird as you’d expect her to be and Gehry was duly architectural. Newson’s fleece-paneled backpacks were easily the most wearable of bags in the collection, a sensibility that should serve him well at his new employer: Apple.

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2014 Fall Louis Vuitton Backpack For Men View


1 Louis-Vuitton-Monogram-Bag-Men-2014 1

Let us continue take a view new items for the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, and here the new Louis Vuitton Backpack for men will take a view below in different style design.

As the Ads pictures, Mens LV backpack collection looks awesome which features various forms vary, leather, and canvas and equipped with fine details, internal compartments and pockets for your laptop, iPad, and otehr personal items. No matter for traveling, work or other outdoor activites, those 2014 Louis Vuitton backpack also perfect carry. Continue Reading ilvnews.com for more new lv bags 2014 sale for discount!

Louis-Vuitton-Backpack-Men-20141 Louis-Vuitton-Bag-Men-2014 51 Louis-Vuitton-Men-2014 31 Louis-Vuitton-Men-Collection-2014 4

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Purchase Louis Vuitton Backpack Like Emma Roberts


Emma Roberts never been in anything wildly successful, and she is one of those Hollywood career that perplexes me greatly, actually, her biggest earners might’ve been the PG flicks she first appeared in way back in 2006-07 years. And till now, her star never seems to falter, regardless of whether or not she’s actually appearing in films. Anyways, she have a good fashion taste.

Here is a picture show actress Emma Roberts leaving the salon in West Hollywood with some fresh blonde locks and a Louis Vuitton Monogram Montsouris Backpack. As the image show, we learn this particular backpack looks unique and in new model made and judging by the patina on this one’s leather trim. take a view and you also can grab one at ilvnews.com!


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Louis Vuitton President Classeur Briefcase For Men



Here is a new mens box for Louis Vuitton be introduce you – the Louis Vuitton President Classeur briefcase. Those new LV Mens briefcase is offering for men who want to perform perfectly for work which makes men look very classy and certainly looks different.

There are two different color and materials models available, elegant Monogram Canvas made those new lv president classeur briefcase closed by S-lock, it is accompanied by two rods made hooks. As the pics show, the handbags in a secure key, this leather bag Taiga holds a laptop and some papers A4. Take a view and view ilvnews.com for more new lv bags sale!

 Louis Vuitton President Classeur Briefcase For Men 1 Louis Vuitton President Classeur Briefcase For Men 3

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Buy Mens Louis Vuitton Damier Carbone Keepall Bandoulire Bag Online For Cheap



It is always don’t have so many models Louis Vuitton travel handbags model in LV line, however, this year, in 2014, Louis Vuitton also launched a set of Damier Carbone materials Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulire Bag for travel or go out.

Look at the Damier Carbone LV keepall bandouliere, it was made from the lightweight carbon fiber material which is usually used in supercars, planes and yachts. In Louis Vuitton 2014/15 Fall Winter Mens collection, this Louis Vuitton Damier Carbone Keepall 45 Bandouliere must be very eye-catching which original introduced in 1930. Now, take a view about this latest new LV keepall 45 Bandouliere and shop them at Buycheaplvbagsonline.com for discount price and the Keepall 45 is measured 17.7″ x 9.8″ x 7.9″.

Louis-Vuitton-Keepall-45-Damier-Cobalt-Bag-Fall-Winter-2014 1 Louis-Vuitton-Twitter-Damier-Cobalt-Bag- 3

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Damier Carbone Louis Vuitton Keepall Travel Bags For Spring/Summer 2014


Many of 2014 Spring Vibrant Louis Vuitton handbags for women has been launched, no matter for the W bags, Alma bags, SC bags and more classic model LV bags 2014, they are all appearance a nice look which perfect choice this warm season.Louis Vuitton Damier Carbone Keepall Bag

Since the May Day getting closer and closer, there are many of us would like plan a long or short travel. A great travel bag is a must have to ensure you have a nice time. In the Louis Vuitton Traval bags series, after designing carbon Black BMW i8 Luggage set, not Louis Vuitton has released the Damier Carbone Keepall Bandouliere which made from the lightweight carbon fiber material. First using the innovative materail in 2010 with the Damier carbone Keepall 45, Louis Vuitton again in the same materiel in this 2014 LV Damier Carbone Keepall travel bag in a larger size.

Look at the pics show, this new Damier Carbone Keepall LV Travel bag made in a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with patch, rounder leather handles for easier portability. It is available two size choose from which is 45(17.7x 9.8 x 7.9 inches) and 55(21.7 x 11.8 x 9.4 inches). Want to shop more real LV travel bags for cheap, pls visit ilvnews.com!

Damier Carbone Louis Vuitton Keepall Travel Bags

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