Louis Vuitton Presents Fortune Earrings Inspired by Zodiac Signs

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Whether one believes in it or not, browsing through the yearly horoscopes and predictions is a fun way to spend free time after New Year’s Eve. The zodiac signs have always provided character traits and motivations throughout the centuries, and astrology also has been perceived and practiced in different ways by many cultures and populations. The modern society is no less interested in astrology, and has frequently found eclectic ways to celebrate the zodiac signs. Of course, fashion often looks up to the horoscope to find some sort of inspirations for coming up with statement-making, unique collections, with Louis Vuitton just being one of the latest brands to launch jaw-dropping designs be inspired by the Zodiac signs.

Louis Vuitton The Fortune Earrings

The French fashion luxury house has, in fact, just presented The Fortune earrings collection, which has been inspired by the zodiac signs and is going to be available for purchase at the end of the year, from November 2016. Minimalistic, sleek and delicate, Louis Vuitton’s Fortune jewelry line looks up to the stars to celebrate everyone’s zodiac sign, pampering us with a collection of 12 gold earrings in miniature.

Mimicking well-known graphic shapes, each one of the earrings could be worn alone, left unpaired to celebrate the single earring trend, which is one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 jewelry trends, or, for those who are really into astrology, combined with one’s rising sign (the latter option may not be that thrilling for those who, like me, share the same zodiac and rising signs). Of course, Louis Vuitton made sure to have some room for its classic ‘V’ shapes within the pieces too, integrating the letter into each one of the designs in always-different and very creative ways.

Priced at €250 each, Louis Vuitton’s Zodiac jewelry line is predicted (pun intended) to be as successful as the brand’s last spring’s Initiales line, wherein that same golden miniatures were forged to create letters. When it comes to the Zodiac Sign collection, those initials could be worn individually or combined together to spell out a name, a word or even a sentence and a message. Apparently, the French house wants us to be more prone to personalizing our style, without being afraid of showing off our individuality and passions. “Sold singularly, #LouisVuitton’s Fortune zodiac earrings promise only good thing,” @LouisVuitton_UK stated via twitter.

Launched just in time to serve as the upcoming Christmas presents (having to wait until November is the only flaw in the otherwise perfect plan to start getting more fashionable since these very first days of January), Louis Vuitton’s zodiac jewelry line is already a must-have!

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Louis Vuitton Presents “A Tribute to Heroines”

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Louis Vuitton proudly presents A Tribute to Heroines: an exploration of art featuring Filipino contemporary artists: Ferdinand Cacnio, Chati Coronel, Olivia d’Aboville, Ramon Orlina and Popo San Pascual. The selection of artworks salutes femininity, its beauty and strength. This event commemorates Louis Vuitton’s 20th year in the Philippines.

“We have brought together five exemplary artists who have interpreted the essence of femininity in various art forms. We are proud to present these to our guests as we enter a new decade with them, solidifying the memorable relationships we have nurtured through the years. Due to the recent turn of events brought about by Typhoon Haiyan, we would like to make this occasion more meaningful by donating proceeds of the sale of the artworks to SOS Children’s Villages in Tacloban City. The donation will support the rebuilding of the village for the displaced children.”, said Rhea De Vera-Aguirre, Country Manager.

“The concept of showing artworks in the store is new in the Philippines. This event signifies our commitment globally in sharing our passion for art and creativity with more audience here.”, said Emily Zhou, General Manager (Louis Vuitton Micronesia and Philippines).

Power and Grace Ferdinand Cacnio Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

“Power and Grace” is Ferdinand Cacnio’s homage to the feminine form. After 20 years in graphic design, Cacnio forged his way into the realm of fine arts at the age of 45. In 2005, he was awarded the top prize by the Art Association of the Philippines. He went on to garner awards in 2008 and 2010 with the Gintong Parangal (Golden Award) for Culture and Arts by the City of Malabon and the prestigious Parangal Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan (Arts and Culture Guide Award) by the City of Manila, respectively. Known for his ability to “tame” the stiffness of metal, Cacnio once more created a stunning sculpture in Power and Grace to capture rhythm and energy, exquisite grace and the professional skill of a female dancer.

Neck Chati Coronel Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

Chati Coronel found her most honest fulfillment in painting after obtaining her degree in architecture as her artistic backbone. She paints layer over layer of strokes and images until each painting has a history to tell. Her work, “Neck”, purposely attempts to veer away from the obvious leanings of portraiture to reveal seemingly ordinary yet universal aspects of being. In her artist statement, Coronel cites a compassion meditation from the Dalai Lama as the inspiration for UnPortraits: “In order to generate compassion for someone, one can meditate on something ordinary that you have in common with that person.”

Echinoderm 3 Olivia dAboville Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

“Echinoderm 3” is one of the latest works by young French-Filipino artist Olivia d’Aboville. Graduating with honors from Duperré, a prestigious Textile Design school in Paris, d’Aboville experiments with textiles and everyday materials to create artworks inspired by nature.From plastic spoons to pins and water bottles, d’Aboville is fascinated by ordinary mass-produced objects. These objects refer to our society and our lifestyle that are inevitably destroying our environment and polluting our seas. She manipulates and recycles materials to create new work. For every interesting element that inspires her, she asks herself: “What can I do with this? Can I cut it, bend it, heat it, stretch it, accumulate it and create a new form?”

A Mothers Strength Ramon Orlina Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

Ramon Orlina’s exquisite glass sculptures offer multi-dimensional perspectives unlike any other. “A Mother’s Strength” is Orlina’s testament to motherhood. His work echoes a deep reverence for motherhood and depicts the mother in the pinnacle of the home, binding the family together. Orlina’s reputation extends to art circles and patrons in the Philippines and all over the world. He has been conferred two prestigious ASEAN Awards in the field of visual arts. In 2006, he was bestowed The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award for having led a life of excellence in the field of arts and having contributed immensely to public welfare and national development.

Botanica Popo San Pascual Louis Vuitton Presents A Tribute to Heroines

Renowned painter and Thirteen Artists Awardee, Popo San Pascual, revisits his blue period and celebrates the beauty and grand design of life through “Botanica”. The monochromatic departure serves as an interlude from vibrant interplay of colors which he is known for. Although he applies the same playful brush strokes to achieve the dreamlike appeal, the effect is evocative and is as delicate as fine porcelain. Inspired by endemic Philippine orchids that he painstakingly cares for in his garden, San Pascual takes a personal approach towards the exotic characteristics of these rare floral varieties that rise from cooled volcanic lava. He likens a refined yet strong woman to an orchid: its stem is strong yet flexible; it waits for the perfect time to bloom and when it does, it exhibits its endurance as no other flower.

The Louis Vuitton Philippines store in Greenbelt 4, Makati City will feature the artworks from 09 to 15 December 2013. A silent sale of the art pieces will be for the benefit of SOS Children’s Village Tacloban, the charity partner of Louis Vuitton Philippines.

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Louis Vuitton Presents Damier Graphite

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Louis Vuitton just sent me an invitation to view the Damier Graphite collection (which is sort of late). Well anyway, thank you so much LV! I appreciate it! I hope they send me invites for runway shows too! I might be forced to crack my piggy bank just to go to Paris! I wish!

LouisVuittonPresentsDamierGraphi 1 Louis Vuitton Presents Damier Graphite

Be the first to preview the new Damier Graphite collection, a stunning new variation alongside Damier Ebene and Damier Azur.

With a shift to shades of black and grey, Damier Graphite makes a statement that is strikingly contemporary, uniting form and function to cater to today’s cosmopolitan lifestyle.

You can learn more about the Damier Graphite here! From bags, luggage, shoes, accessories, and more!

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Louis Vuitton Presents Damier Signature Collection

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louis-vuitton-presents-damier-signature-men shoes

Louis Vuitton is subtly elegant, decisively contemporary, infinitely versatile. The Louis Vuitton Damier design has stood the test of time, from 1889 to today, it is always the one of most classic and fashionable design in the world. Now. even about our Louis Vuitton Online Store, the model Louis Vuitton items were sold very well. The iconic Monogram design was introduction of Damier Canvas pattern actually at seven years. The Chess board design which was originally developed by Louis Vuitton himself and his son Georges Vuitton was the first to feature “L. Vuitton Marque Deposee” or L. Vuitton Registered Trademark to prevent copycats.


Louis Vuitton Presents the damier signature spring summer 2013 collectionFirst introduced in 1888, and the very first design to be intellectually protected by the brand at the time, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton presents the new signature 2014 Spring/Summer Damier Luggage Collection. The iconic pattern is back in numerous new versions, both in terms of colors and in terms of materials. From solid black and brown leathers to attention seeking fluo colors, the brand has something to offer for all tastes and styles, perfectly in line with its timeless allure. Cheap LV Handbags offer to sale at our site for nice price in classic and latest fashion design.


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